KIT Bra-blem Solved

Includes 1 pair of Bare it All Nipple Covers - Reusable Circular Silicone Nipple Covers in your chosen color and size + 1 Hold Me Please Boob Tape
$34.90 USD
$37.80 USD
$34.90 USD
Size - Nipple covers: M - 3.15 IN/8 CM
Color - Nipple Covers: chantilly
Color Boob Tape: cream
Subtotal: $34.90

📦 You may receive the product in different packaging. We are rebranding, but don't worry, the content and quality remain the same.

  • 💧Water-resistant
  • 💪 Strong Adhesive
  • 🤸‍♀️Flexible
  • ♻️ Roll lasts multiple uses
  • 🛁Washable
  • 🏖️Water Resistant
  • 👗Invisible
  • ♻️Reusable
  • 🔦No Light Reflection
  • 🧸 Gentle with Your Skin
Hold Me Please - Boob Tape
Adhesive breast tape for lift and support. It helps you lift, shape, and support your breasts for shirts and dresses with deep necklines where a bra isn’t an option. It is water and sweat resistant, and flexible, and easily adapts to your curves.
Available in Cream and Mocca shades. Choose the one that best matches your skin tone or outfit for greater invisibility.
Size: 1 roll - 2 in wide x 16.4 ft long (5 cm wide x 5 m long) Provides approximately 5-10 uses depending on how much you need based on your breast size.
Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex. LATEX-FREE.

Bare it All Nipple Covers - Reusable Silicone Circular Nipple Covers
Round reusable nipple covers, adhesive and hypoallergenic, made 100% from medical-grade silicone. DO NOT contain latex.

They have a matte finish, which allows the product to not reflect light under clothing.

They come in a M size (3.15 in/ 8cm) for A-B cups and PLUS size (4 in/10 cm) for C-D++ cups to provide more coverage and invisibility.

Available in 4 colors so you can choose the one that best matches your skin tone in the breast area.

Chantilly - Very fair skin with a cool, pink undertone.

Vanilla - Fair skin with a warm, yellow undertone.

Cappuccino - Light brown or tanned skin, warm undertone.

Chocolate - Dark brown skin, neutral undertone.
Hold Me Please - Boob Tape
Ideal for bigger boobs or those needing extra support, cup size B-C. Use it to support your breasts without a bra, to lift them for a deep V-neck, or to shape them however you like.

Bare it All Nipple Covers -Reusable Round Silicone Nipple Covers
Ideal for daily comfort and coverage. Wear them under your shirts, dresses, sports bras, swimsuits, pajamas, and more.
Remove the product immediately if you experience a burning or itching sensation.

Do not use the product if the skin is sunburned, injured, or cut.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your trusted doctor before using adhesive products.

DO NOT USE on sensitive skin, damaged skin, open wounds, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or if you have any skin conditions.
Avoid use if you have skin depigmentation or a family history of it.
Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur. DO NOT use if you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.
Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme heat.
Be cautious when applying or removing on thin skin areas like the collarbone or upper chest.
Despite using high-quality medical adhesives, some people may experience irritation, rashes, or blisters, and darker skin may lighten or discolor.
Nipskin* is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. Nipskin*’s liability is exclusively for the cost of product replacement. By purchasing this product, you understand and accept that you are solely responsible for its proper use.
If you choose to use it despite having or being unsure of having sensitive skin, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.
Hold Me Please - Boob Tape
1. Clean and dry the area where you will apply the tape.
2.Measure the tape. Remember that it stretches, so cut about 4 cm shorter.
3.Put on your silicone nipple covers first before applying the tape. Don’t worry, your nipple covers won’t be damaged.
4.Apply the tape according to the shape of your cleavage. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles and enjoy the freedom.
5.Don’t forget to follow the instructions for removal.
Guide for REMOVING your Hold Me Please Boob Tape:
1.Apply a generous amount of baby oil or another mild oil-based product over the tape and leave it for at least 15 minutes to loosen the adhesive.
2.Stretch your skin with one hand, and use the other hand to gently peel off the tape from one corner. Do not pull it off quickly, as this can hurt your skin.
3.If the adhesive is still too sticky, apply more oil.
4.If there is any adhesive residue, use a damp cloth or baby oil to remove it.
5.Dispose of the used tape; it is not reusable. Avoid showering with the tape on as it may become stickier when wet.
6.Do not expose your skin to the sun right after using this product.

Bare it All Nipple Covers - Cubre Pezones Circulares de Silicona Reutilizables
1. Make sure your hands and breasts are clean without creams, oils or powders.

2. Before use, carefully remove the anti-dust protective film and save it for future use.

3. Place the silicone nipple cover over the nipple area.

4. Get dressed and enjoy the freedom and comfort.

5. When needed, clean the nipple covers by simply washing them with warm water and gentle soap. After rinsing, allow them to air dry completely. Avoid using towels or paper to dry them.

6. Once the nipple covers are completely dry, place back the anti-dust protector and pop them back into the plastic packaging or travel case. Never stick one nipple cover to another; if you lose the protective film, you can replace it with kitchen plastic wrap or a similar product.
How to use the boob tape?
Read our how to use guide carefully.

How to remove the boob tape?
Read our how to use guide carefully.

How do I know if the boob tape is suitable for me?
It is important to know that this is a product designed for heavy or very saggy busts that require support. Because of this, the adhesive in this product is much stronger than in other products (like silicone nipple covers, for example). For this reason, Boob Tape is NOT recommended for people with sensitive, dry skin, recently sunburned skin, or having any skin conditions. We recommend reading the warnings carefully before purchasing. If you decide to use it, it is important to read and follow the usage and removal instructions carefully.

Is the boob tape reusable? How many uses can I get from it?
The piece of tape you use is not reusable; you must dispose of it once removed. However, the roll contains 16.4 ft of tape, which should be enough for about 5-10 uses. This will depend on how much tape you need based on the size of your breasts to provide the support and lift you need.

How many times can the nipple covers be reused?
Your nipple covers' adhesive durability varies with skin pH, body temperature, and the care you give them! The adhesive can last for up to about 20 uses. Once the adhesive is worn out, you can extend the use of your nipple covers by wearing them under fitted tops and tight bodysuits.

How do I wash the nipple covers?
You don’t need to wash the nipple covers every time you use them. To clean them, just use warm water and mild hand soap. Make circular motions on the nipple cover with your fingers until the dirt is removed. Finally, let them air dry. Once they are completely dry, reapply the protective plastic film.

What if I lost the protective film that comes with the nipple covers?
You can replace it with kitchen cling film or a similar material.

How do I choose the right size?
The Nipskin nipple covers are designed to cover beyond the nipple. The edge of the product should reach around the side of your breast, which helps the nipple cover blend with your skin and become unnoticeable.

💡Tip 1: If the original 8 cm size feels too small and noticeable, try the plus size.

💡Tip 2: If you have a very small bust, the plus size might be too big for you.

💡⭐️Tip 3: Remember that every woman’s body and bust shape is different, and while this product works for most shapes, there are some where it might not. In such cases, consider other types of nipple covers or a different solutions such as stickies, triangles, boob tape, etc.

How do I find out? By trying it out!

How do I choose the right shade for me?
The black shade is meant for wearing under black clothing, so anyone can use it. However, we also have 4 other shades designed to match your skin tone better.

First, look at the photos of the Nipskin models to see which one best matches your skin.

Second, identify your undertone. It can be cool (pink), warm (yellow/golden), or neutral (a combination of both). To identify your undertone: If your veins appear blue, you have a cool undertone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm undertone. If you can’t decide between blue and green, you probably have a neutral undertone.

Third, based on the above, choose the color that most closely resembles your skin tone in the bust area.

Chantilly - Very fair skin with a cool, pink undertone.
Vanilla - Fair skin with a warm, yellow undertone.
Cappuccino - Medium brown or tanned skin with a warm undertone.
Chocolate - Dark brown skin with a neutral undertone.
Fourth, if you’re unsure between two shades, choose the lighter one.
Fifth, if you’re buying the Cappuccino shade, don’t be surprised if the color looks darker outside the packaging when you receive it. As a medium tone, it looks darker inside the packaging because the layers are stacked on top of each other.
KIT Bra-blem Solved

KIT Bra-blem Solved

$37.80 $34.90

KIT Bra-blem Solved

$37.80 $34.90
Size - Nipple covers: M - 3.15 IN/8 CM
Color - Nipple Covers: chantilly
Color Boob Tape: cream

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